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Cara Pet Poop Bag Dispenser


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We’ve all been there: you’re strolling along, enjoying the fresh air, morning sun on your face, dog by your side, and…poop! Forgot to bring a bag! You glance fearfully up and down the street, and cop a disdainful frown from the neighbour across the road. Or you grapple with your plastic bag, only to discover a hole in the most inconvenient position. There’s no faster way to ruin a morning walk.
Be humiliated no longer! Jumbo Pets Poop Bag Dispenser is a thick and strong, trendy bone-shaped dispenser that clips easily to your belt or lead, leaving your hands free to wave at your grumpy neighbour. It’s easy to refill, comes in red or blue, and you get 50 bags free with your purchase. Refill bags are available.
Note: Cleaning up after your pet is an essential part of responsible dog ownership.
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