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Frontline Plus Small Under 10kg Orange


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Q: How do you find a flea?
A: Start from scratch

It’s a terrible joke, but then fleas are no laughing matter. Nor are lice. And ticks – particularly paralysis ticks – are deadly serious. Luckily, Frontline Plus takes biting bugs very seriously, with a treatment that kills fleas at each of their life stages: egg, pupa, larva and adult. It’s effective on fleas in the dog’s environment, too. Frontline Plus Small Under 10kg Orange also knocks out ticks, paralysis ticks and biting lice, and continues to provide protection for up to one month (fortnightly for paralysis ticks). Water-fast after 48 hours, fast-acting and super-easy to apply, Frontline Plus will give you the last laugh against biting bugs.

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