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GiGwi Push to Mute Dumbbell


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It would be entertaining to swap all the dumbbells in your local gym with these. All that sweaty grunting would be drowned out by high-pitched squeaks.

Introducing the new GiGwi Push to Mute range of toys. They’re indisputably brilliant – not just because of their exceptionally vivid colours, or because they’re made from durable thermoplastic rubber and high-quality strap. And not just because of their wonderfully variable texture, which will send your dog into slavering raptures of delight.

No, a GiGwi  Push To Mute Dumbbell toy is brilliant because you can decide whether it’s a crazy, squeaking thing of noisy joy or a quiet, soothing, rubber chew toy for your pet. The choice is entirely yours. Genius? We think so.

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