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Advantix Extra Large Over 25kg Blue / Grey

Advantix Extra Large Over 25kg Blue / Grey

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Product Description

If you’ve ever seen a dog suffer from a paralysis tick bite, you’ll know that you simply can’t mess around with the deadly devils. One undiscovered tick can spell the end for your dog.

Advantix is like the ninja of the flea and tick world – swift, deadly and insidious, it stops fleas feeding within minutes and begins killing fleas and flea larvae inside 20 minutes. And it repels and kills paralysis ticks.

If you’re in a tick-infested area, apply Advantix every month and your dog will be safe from harm. It’s water-resistant, so it’ll keep working after your dog has plunged into the closest river or muddy puddle; and it protects your dog from other nasty biters, such as sandflies, lice and mosquitoes.

Product details

  • suitable for extra large dogs weighing 25kg or more
  • dual action kills fleas and their larvae, and repels and kills Australian Paralysis ticks
  • easy to apply
  • apply monthly
  • water resistant
  • protects against other biting insects such as sandflies and mosquitoes
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Product Rating
5 stars, based on 1 reviews

Customer Reviews
It works great and u wll be free from worrying about your pups..

Saumya dave

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