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Advocate Puppies and Small Under 4kg Green

Advocate Puppies and Small Under 4kg Green

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Product Description

Lots of things suck in this world. Peak hour sucks. Bills suck. Slow shoppers at the supermarket suck. We could go on. Our dogs – our beautiful, loyal, happy-go-lucky canine companions – have their own list of things that suck. Fleas, lice, gastrointestinal worms, heartworm…these parasites can infiltrate our healthy dogs and make their lives a misery. Not only that, but many of these nasty little suckers can infect members of our families too. And haven’t we got enough to worry about?

Advocate provides immensely effective, fast-acting treatment and protection against fleas, heartworm and gastrointestinal worms. Not only does it rid your dog of parasites, but when used monthly it provides ongoing, water-resistant protection from reinfestation. Which is good news for your and your family.

Product details

  • suitable for puppies and small dogs under 4kg
  • water-resistant treatment for gastrointestinal worms, heartworm, fleas and lice
  • begins working on fleas within minutes
  • kills parasites and when applied monthly provides protection from reinfestation
  • user-friendly applicator
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