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Anti Industry Ant Proof Plate

Anti Industry Ant Proof Plate

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Product Description
Squash ants with science using this simple but ingenious ant-proof plate. 
How does it work?
The bottom of the plate is lined with a natural ant-repellent made from fossilised water plants known as diatoms. The diatoms are mined and ground into a powder as fine as talcum powder.
While diatoms are harmless to mammals, they’re lethal to insects, slugs and snails. That’s because diatoms have microscopic razor-sharp edges that stick to an insect and get embedded in its exoskeleton. The diatom lining is therefore an effective, safe and natural deterrent for insects such as ants.
The ant-proof plate can be used for everything from pantry condiments to pet food – so no more pesky ants infiltrating your dog’s dinner!
Product details
  • wide range of uses, from pet food to condiments and picnic food
  • works without water
  • unique and original product
  • 100% Australian designed, manufactured and owned
  • non-toxic ant repellent
  • lasts for years
  • patent pending

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