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Dentipet Finger Brush

Dentipet Finger Brush

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Product Description

Granted, the Dentipet Finger Brush may look a little absurd at first, but dental hygiene for our pets is no laughing matter. Nor is the vet’s bill for a clean and polish. For less than the cost of a train ticket you can keep your dog out of the vet’s office and his teeth out of trouble.

The Dentipet Finger Brush is a reusable rubber finger covering with a pad of fine bristles. What you do with it is pretty obvious – dab some Dentipet Toothpaste (it comes in chicken or beef flavours) onto the bristles and brush away. See below for specific tips on how to introduce this particular ritual into your dog’s daily routine.

Product details

  • reusable rubber finger cover with bristle pad
  • helps remove plaque and tartar buildup
  • regular use may prevent dental disease
  • use in conjunction with Dentipet Toothpaste

To get your pet used to a dental hygiene routine, start out by simply massaging his teeth and gums with your finger. Praise and reassure him whilst doing so to keep him relaxed. Once he seems comfortable with this, try applying a dab of toothpaste to your finger before massage. If he accepts this, you can then move on to the use of the Dentipet Finger Brush. When you are using a brush, move it in a circular motion rather than scrub at the teeth. Rinsing is not necessary; a small treat may be given as a reward.

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