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Dog Rocks Urine

Dog Rocks

Have you ever noticed those yellow urine stains on your lawn from your beloved Pet(s)?

Well Dog Rocks are here! Australian founded, laboratory tested and guaranteed safe for your Pet(s) to consume, Dog Rocks stop those nasty yellow urine stains from burning a hole in your lawn by filtering out those impurities in which water contain. E.g; Nitrates, Tin, Ammonia..

The Rocks in which are placed at the bottom of your Pet(s) water bowl will take 8-10 hours to start working. It does not affect or alter the pH levels of your Pet(s) urine, they are 100% natural, literally taken from the Earth and sourced from a reputable quarry right here in Australia.

Product Details

  • Rocks will need to be changed every 2 months
  • Ensure water bowl is not filled any more than 2 litres at a time and rather top up the water bowl than replace it will fresh water
  • The full benefits of Dog Rocks may not be noticeable if your Pet(s) contain a rather high protein diet or consumes high protein treats daily
  • Dog Rocks do not fix any prior yellow, burn stains to your lawn



  • Dog Rocks
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