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Heartgard Plus 0-11kg Small Blue

Heartgard Plus 0-11kg Small Blue

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Product Description

All it takes is one pesky mosquito. If that mosquito happens to have fed on an animal infected with heartworm, then its saliva carries the larva of the dreaded parasite. It takes a little over six months for that larva to migrate to your dog’s heart and lungs, where it develops into an adult worm and begins to cause all sorts of serious problems for your precious little heartbeat.

You can’t stop the mosquitoes, but you can stop the spread of heartworm. Heartgard is a simple, beef-flavoured chew that eliminates heartworm larvae that have infected the dog in the month before treatment. If monthly treatment is continued for at least 12 months, Heartgard will rid your dog of any heartworm infections that have been acquired in the previous four months.

Heartgard also treats roundworm and hookworm.

Product details

  • heartworm treatment for dogs and puppies under 11kg
  • safe for use in puppies over 6 weeks old
  • suitable for pregnant/lactating/breeding dogs
  • follow instructions included with product
  • monthly treatment
  • also controls roundworm and hookworm
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