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The story of the origin of Kong has become legend (they’ll probably make a movie about it soon). According to the legend, Kong founder Joe Markham was tootling around in his garage one day, working on his Volkswagen van with his dog – a German Shepherd and former police dog named Fritz. Now, Fritz was renowned for chewing rocks (working through demons from his policing days, perhaps) – an activity that frustrated Joe no end. So there was Fritz, gnawing away on his rocks. Joe started throwing van parts at his dog in an attempt to draw him away from his destructive diet. Nothing worked until…Joe pulled off a rubber suspension part and chucked it at his dog. Fritz was hooked and the Kong was born. Kong began production in 1976 and has since earned a reputation for “World’s Best Dog Toy”. Made in the USA, Kong sets the bar for durable rubber pet toys. It has become a go-to training tool for resolving a wide range of difficult canine behaviour problems such as stress, boredom, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, crate training issues, problem barking and digging. It has been praised by owners and trainers alike for its unmatched strength and versatility. Jumbo Pets sells Kong dog and cat toys online and delivers Australia Wide.