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Rascals Non-Pull Harness


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This stylish harness will fit nice and snug on your pooch.
Not to mention they will be looking fabulous with its vibrant green colour!
The Rascals Non-Pull Harness is designed for moderate to heavy pullers. The steel ring design provides strong support and includes extra padding, which offers maximum comfort for your dog.

Product details
-Available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large
- “Gives” with the dog’s natural movements
- Helps control moderate to heavy pullers
-Pull test - withstands more than 100kg/1000n force
-Padded for extra comfort

Sizing guide
SMALL: 20 - 30CM(NECK) + 52-60CM(CHEST)
MEDIUM: 30 - 43CM(NECK) + 64 - 76CM(CHEST)
LARGE: 43 - 60CM(NECK) + 76 - 88CM(CHEST)